Simple tools for doctors and nurses to improve newborn care

Newborn Care Protocols

Hypernatremic Dehydration In Newborns

Diagnosis and treatment of hypernatremic dehydration in newborns with an easy calculator to estimate fluid and electrolyte deficit.

Empiric Antibiotic Therapy In Newborn Care Units

This article summarizes an empiric antibiotic therapy with referenced doses of commonly used antibiotics and drugs in newborn care units

Special Care of Low Birth Weight Babies

Low birth weight babies need special care because of the high risks of death and morbidity associated with preterm birth.

popular tools

Vasopressor Charting

Vasopressor dose calculator for continuous IV infusion

Hypernatremic Dehydration

Step-by-step treatment of hypernatremic dehydration in infants

Antibiotic Charting

Antibiotic dose calculator for newborns

IV Fluid Charting

Simple IV Fluid charting for newborns weighing more than 1000 grams

IV Fluid from GIR

Calculate IV Fluids using Glucose Infusion Rate


Hypothermia management protocol in newborns