How To Use The Antibiotic Charting Tool

Find the Antibiotic Charting Tool here.

Download drug dosage used in this chart [PDF].

antibiotic charting tool
  • Enter baby details, age of baby in days and weight of baby in grams.
  • Select the antibiotics and/or other drugs required for this baby.
  • Use ‘Meningitis dose’ in case of suspected or proven meningitis.
  • Amikacin is available in variable concentrations. Enter available concentration of amikacin in the box which will appear when you select amikacin. Default concentration is 50 mg/mL – you need not change it if you want to give 50 mg/mL amikacin concentration.
  • Select ‘Next’ button at the bottom once you select desired drugs.
antibiotic charting tool
  • On next page, you can see selected drugs charted according to baby’s age and weight.
  • Check baby details, name of the drug, preparation and concentration of the drug, dose of drug, route of administration and frequency of administration before signing the treatment chart.
  • Click on ‘Print’ icon once you have meticulously checked the chart.
antibiotic charting tool
  • You can print this treatment chart or save it as PDF and share it.
  • Make columns for date and time of drug administration.
  • Write any remaining drugs and IV fluid charting before finalizing and signing the treatment chart.

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