How To Correct Hypernatremic Dehydration

Find Hypernatremic Dehydration Calculator here.

Download reference calculations used in this calculator [PDF].

Baby Details

  • Enter baby’s current weight.
  • Select how you want to Calculate Percentage Dehydration.
    • By Pre-dehydration Weight – select this option if you know baby’s accurate weight before the onset of dehydration.
      Enter Pre-dehydration weight in the box which appears once you select this option.
    • By Clinical Examination – select if you do not know pre-dehydration weight.
      Assess clinically and select either ‘Mild’, ‘Moderate’, or ‘Severe’ dehydration in the checklist which appears once you select this option.
  • Enter baby’s serum sodium levels.

Emergency Phase

  • Restore intravascular volume by infusing 20 mL/kg IV bolus STAT.
  • Calculator will display the volume of Normal saline. Infuse over 20-30 minutes.
  • Calculator will also display volume of 3% saline need to be added with normal saline if baby’s serum sodium exceeds 175 mEq/L.

Rehydration Phase

  • Calculator will display Total Fluid Deficit.
  • Free Water Deficit – Replace to decrease serum sodium levels by a rate of NO MORE THAN 0.5 mEq/L/h or 12 mEq/L/d.
  • Solute Fluid Deficit – Give half solute fluid in first 8 hours and remaining half over next 16 hours.
  • Maintenance Fluid – Give D5 0.2NS which contains 31 mEq/L of sodium.
    Default calculation of maintenance fluid is @150 mL/kg/d. You can change it according to the baby’s requirement.
  • Calculator will display sodium and potassium calculations (mEq) for Solute Fluid and Maintenance Fluid. Add potassium to solute and maintenance fluids only after a good urine output has been established.

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