How To Use IV Fluid Charting Tool

Find the IV Fluid Charting Tool here.

Download reference IV Fluid values [PDF].

  • Enter baby details, weight of the baby in grams and age in days.
  • Calculator will display total fluid (mL/kg/day) in next column as per reference values. You can change this according to baby’s clinical condition.
  • Final total IV fluid (mL) will be displayed in next line.
  • Enter oral feeds in (mL/kg/day). Calculator will display total feeds (mL) and 2 hourly feed volume.
  • Enter volume of amino acid (mL) planned to give over next 24 hours. Calculator will display its dose in g/kg/day.
  • Enter volume of drugs (mL) in next column. Volume of drugs will be subtracted from total fluid.
  • Enter volume of STAT infusions (e.g., blood transfusion or stat drug) in next column.
  • Volume of oral feeds, amino acid, drugs and stat infusions will be subtracted from total fluid volume.
  • Calculator will display remaining fluid to be charted (mL) in next line.
  • Calculator will auto-calculate Glucose Infusion Rate (GIR) according to how much feeds are being given. Check it and adjust it according to baby’s demand.
  • In the next line, calculator will display the concentration of IV fluid needed to achieve the required GIR. It will display a warning when concentration exceeds 12.5%. You cannot give concentration above 12.5% via peripheral line. Use central IV line if you need to infusion concentration above 12.5%.
  • Select ‘Next’ button at the bottom once you have checked the volume of IV fluid, feeds, amino acid, drugs and stat infusions and Glucose Infusion Rate.
iv fluid charting tool
  • Chart will be displayed on next page.
  • Check baby details, volume of fluids, feeds, amino acid, drugs, stat infusions and GIR before signing the treatment chart.
  • Click on ‘Print’ icon once you have meticulously checked the chart. You can also save it as PDF in print option.

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