How To Calculate Volume of Different Concentrations Of Dextrose Needed To Achieve Desired GIR

Find IV Fluid from GIR tool here.

calculate iv fluid from glucose infusion rate
  • If you have total IV fluid requirement and want to achieve specific Glucose Infusion Rate (GIR), you have to mix 5% dextrose, 10% dextrose, 25% dextrose, or dextrose free fluid in different proportions. Calculate the volume of various concentration of fluids you have to mix with this tool.
  • Enter baby’s weight in grams.
  • Enter volume of IV fluid you plan to give over next 24 hours.
  • Enter desired GIR.
  • Tool will display the volume of different dextrose solutions you need to mix to achieve desired GIR.
  • Tool will also display dextrose concentration of final IV fluid.

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